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Swedish Heart Basket - The Crafty Librarian

Although this looks flat, it is woven so that it opens line a basket and is perfect for a little Valentine gift of candy or a pretty handkerchief. This is a full sized picture.

Materials needed: Red and white construction paper.
Chenille stems.
Hole punch

Time needed: 15-20 minutes.

Prep time: It takes about 10 minutes to do the cutting for one basket.

Preparation: 1) Begin by folding a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise. On this paper you will draw an extended oval, 11 1/2 inches by 3 1/2 inches. Cut out the oval.
2) Once this oval is cut out, fold it in half so that the rounded edges meet.
3) Cut slits, beginning at the fold, so that 6 "fingers" are formed.
4) It is necessary to remove just a tiny sliver of paper when you cut your slits, so that it looks like a wide cut, no more than a pencil point wide.
5) Repeat 1-4 with the other color. You may want to use your first half-heart as a template.

NOTE: The folded pieces of paper do not simply go over and under each other. This would produce a flat heart. It is necessary to go THROUGH the proper "finger" in order to produce the open weave. You will know you have gone wrong if you cannot open the basket at any time.
Swedish Heart Basket - The Crafty Librarian

STEP 1: Beginning to weave:
1) Place the two pieces next to each other. The oval parts should be toward you.
2) Imagine that each finger is numbered 1-6. Tilt the pieces so that the first finger of white goes through the first finger of red.
Swedish Heart Basket - The Crafty Librarian

1) Now the opposite - The 2d finger of red goes through the first finger of white.
2) Now white goes through red finger number 3.
3) Alternate so that red finger 4 goes through white number 1. Continue to alternate until you have reached the last red finger which will go through white finger number 1.

1) Slide the first finger toward the oval to reveal enough red to allow a white finger to go through.
Swedish Heart Basket - The Crafty Librarian

1) Slide red finger 1 through white finger 2.
2) Slide white finger 2 through red finger 2.
3) Slide red finger 3 through white finger 2.
4) Slide white finger 2 through red finger 4.
5) Alternate until the end.

Fingers #3 and #5.
Follow the pattern of finger number 1.
Swedish Heart Basket - The Crafty Librarian
Fingers #4 and #6.
Follows the pattern of finger number 2.

Finishing the basket:
1) Punch holes near the edge of a white oval and the opposite red oval.
2) Twist a chenille stem into place as a handle.

Tips for working with kids:
They will have difficulty understanding going through rather than over and under. If you hold the finger open, they will be able to put the correct finger through it. In this way, they learn the concept and can take an active part in weaving this Swedish Heart Basket.

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